Sterling Transportation


Sterling Transportation is recognized by our customers for our consistency, reliability and flexibility. Passion, Professionalism and Personality are what drive us to provide quality and peace of mind to our customers, employees and vendors.  We believe in the value of relationships.

Patricia De La Torre - Promotion

We are pleased to announce that Patricia is promoted to the position of Customer Relations Manager. Patty has been a member of the Sterling team for over five years and has the proven abilities, skills and the desire to ensure our customer's success. We welcome her to the management team and are confident our customers will feel the impact of her commitment and dedication.


Sterling introduces Direct Service from Los Angeles to Chicago.

    • ...For my company, Sterling provides a simple and effective, reliable solution all the time.  I've chosen Sterling as my carrier because I need a "Yes we can!" attitude.  One thing I've liked about using Sterling has been the team and staff attitude - they make it happen.

      David G. Valencia, Dug Cargo LLC

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    • ...I needed quick transit times to the West Coast for LTL’s that had low statistics of security breaches, which is why I chose Sterling Transportation. Sterling provides my company FTL’s from MIA to SFO/LAX.  I have chosen Sterling for our FTL because I need secure and safe transits to the West Coast in 3 days.

      Jenifer Del Busto, Expeditors

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