Sterling Transportation

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Sterling to Exhibit at WESCCON 2014


FSC Policy

Sterling has re-instated the FSC Policy effective 10/21/13 that is based on the Department of Energy index, which was... [more]


Sterling Transportation CEO and Founder, Keith Davis, has been voted onto the Board of the Air Forwarders Association.

The AFA advances the Forwarder and Transportation community.

    • Sterling Transportation provides good service to the West Coast and provides good tools for booking and tracing. One thing I like about Sterling is the friendly use bookings which their service has provided me the opportunity to service one of our best customers. Sterling has consistently provided good customer service. Sterling service is unique because of their strong commitment to the West Coast. The results for Sterling to the West Coast have been A-1! I really like the quotes and service and am happy to say we can rely on a good freight forwarder.
    • Denny Cruz - DHL

    • I needed quick transit times to the West Coast for LTLs that had low statistics of security breaches which is why I chose Sterling Transportation. I was experiencing problems with damages, delays and security concerns with our former freight forwarder. Sterling provides my company FTLs from MIA to SFO/LAX. I have chosen Sterling for our FTL because I need secure and safe transits to the West Coast in 3 days. One thing I've talked about using Sterling has been their ability to accommodate Expeditors with security and loading tools to prevent damages. The services Sterling provided have enabled me to meet the needs of my customer. Sterling has consistently provided optimal customer service. I found the experience with Sterling to be exceptional and one of a kind. I would recommend Sterling to people who need dedicated truckloads to the West Coast from the East or vice versa. Based on my experience, anyone using Sterling can expect secure and prompt shipments. After having done business with Sterling, I'm happy to say there has never been a security concern. Any businesses that use Sterling can be assured of on-time deliveries and secure freight. I would recommend Sterling to people who need secure truckloads.
    • Jenifer Del Bustos, Expeditors