Sterling Transportation Adds a Dynamic Duo to Their Sales Team Leadership: Scott Klever and Jaye Fenner

Sterling Transportation is excited to announce the addition of two superstars to the Sterling team: Scott Klever comes aboard as Executive Vice President of Sales and Jaye Fenner as Vice President of Sales. 

Together they bring more than a half-century of experience in the transportation and logistics sector. The Sterling companies have had steady and strong growth over the past few years. Adding this powerful duo to an already impressive sales force will be the foundation of the next tier of expansion.  

With a B.S. in Transportation from the University of Akron and more than three decades of transportation and logistics experience, Scott Klever was an obvious pick to lead Sterling Transportation’s sales into the future. Starting on the docks and then growing into local then regional and national sales and operations management, Scott has carded a lifetime of skills in asset-based LTL and FTL and non-asset logistics leadership. In addition, he’s added all of the necessary tools to help Sterling Transportation’s growth with direct C-suite relationships, M&A, P&L and strategic planning. 

 “I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my experiences with the seasoned, ambitious and successful team at Sterling. And to be working with Keith Davis, Richard Garcia and Jaye Fenner. It’s Sterling’s outstanding reputation, people, and long-standing customer and industry relationships that make this a perfect fit for me. I am excited to help lead Sterling Transportations and Sterling Brokerage Services future growth and expansion,” said Scott Klever.

After graduating with a B.S. in Administrative Law from the University of North Texas, Jaye Fenner jumped into the transportation industry with both feet. Starting in a DFW warehouse, he’s taken on a myriad of roles in the 25 years since. His areas of expertise cover warehouse operations, local & regional dispatch, terminal & hub management, and sales. In fact, more than half of his career was spent growing and leading sales organizations. His most recent VP of Sales role built up the very skills Sterling Transportation was seeking for their own growth plans including: strategy development, P&L budget and planning, M&A, and building and leading teams to successfully achieve goals.

“I am excited to join such a reputable company – Sterling Transportation is well known for its industry leading services and incredible staff. But, the company’s culture was really the tipping point for my decision. It was very encouraging to hear about the long tenure of the majority of the team. When people make a company their ‘work home’ for so long it speaks volumes about how the company is run. That is refreshing and I look forward to working with Scott Klever and leveraging my experience to launch Sterling further on its journey,” said Jaye Fenner

“It has been my dream to build a sales team like this. Over the past year, we’ve added key personnel across the entire organization. Scott and Jaye are two significant extensions to the sales side of the business. Putting them into our lineup will accelerate the growth we’ve seen over the past few years,” said Keith Davis, CEO.