Sterling Transportation and Midwest Express Unite in Strategic Partnership

In an era of industry consolidation, two leading companies chart a new course through collaboration.

In a transportation industry increasingly characterized by consolidation, two standout companies have embarked on a unique path. Sterling Transportation and Midwest Express announced a strategic partnership to enhance service offerings to their customers effective May 1, 2024.

Both companies are known for their legacy of excellence, vast industry experience, and enduring relationships with their customers and vendors. At the heart of this partnership is a mutual commitment to customer-centric transportation logistics, promising to forge a network distinguished by exceptional customer support.

“This is a powerful partnership. The overlap in our corporate cultures is why it works,” Keith Davis, CEO of Sterling Transportation.

Bob Larson, President Midwest Express Co. added, “Our business philosophy has always been ‘we go where the customer grows.’ This strategic partnership continues that principle, and we are excited for the next step to collectively serve our mutual customers’ businesses even further.”

The partnership is a significant shift towards a more integrated approach within the transportation sector. “We’re at the forefront of a movement that champions unity and collaboration over competition or consolidation,” stated Shanna Smith, Executive Vice President, Midwest Express. “Our alliance with Sterling marks the beginning of a broader effort to leverage collective strengths for greater impact.”

Scott Klever, EVP of Sales, Sterling Transportation, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the broader implications of the partnership: “This unique approach to collaboration provides optimized support to our customers and the entire industry. This is more than just a business agreement… it’s a strategic commitment to the industry we collectively serve.”

This strategic alliance between Sterling Transportation and Midwest Express signals a new chapter in the industry, one where cooperation and shared success pave the way for innovation and growth.