Craig Carter Promoted to Sterling Transportation Vice President of Operations

Craig Carter joined the Sterling Transportation team as Director of operations just over a year ago and made an immediate impact. Carter leveraged over 30 years of experience to make positive changes across the entire company.

“Carter is always available to help out in every way. He has leveraged his diverse industry experience to bring structure to our operations. And his people skills are unmatched,” said Richard Garcia, President, Sterling Transportation

Aside from the process updates he implemented, Craig has demonstrated amazing leadership and has mentored many of the employees. He helped the company weather the ‘Great Resignation’ and worked to quickly fill the empty roles and minimize the impact on operations.

Effective, August 26, 2022, Craig Carter takes on the position of Vice President of Operations.

“Craig has been instrumental in the success of Sterling over the course of his first year with the company. He’s the most responsive person I have ever worked with. I am excited to see what the future holds,” said Keith Davis, CEO, Sterling Transportation